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Banks & Torres

The Banks Islands (link to Wikipedia) are a group of islands in northern Vanuatu. Together with the Torres Islands to the northwest, they make up the northern most province of Torba, and includes Gaua and Vanua Lava, two of the 13 largest islands in Vanuatu.

Gaua is the largest of these islands. Sola, the provincial capital, is on Vanua Lava. The third largest island, Ureparapara is an old volcanic cone that has been breached by the sea, forming Divers Bay on its east coast. Reef Islands are a few very small, low islands on a coral atoll. Mota Lava is attached by high corals that one can wade through at low tide, to the tiny islet of Rah.

The Torres Islands (link to Wikipedia) are the northernmost island group in the country. The seven islands in the Torres group, from north to south, are Hiu (the largest), Metoma, Tegua, Ngwel, Linua, Loh, and Toga. The highest point is only 200 m (656 ft) above sea level. These islands are called the forgotten islands as there is often no phone nor mobile connection. However, thanks to Australian government donations, the ship "MV Tina "has just started a monthly service to all islands in the Banks & Torres group providing a regular supply of fuel and food.

Map of Banks & Torres


  • Vanua Lava - Trek to Volcano Mt Sere Ama, Twin waterfall at Waterfall Bay
  • Gaua - Trek to Mt Garet volcano, Lake Letas & Siri waterfall. Traditional woman's Water Music
  • Mota Lava - Trek to Sleeping mountain, unique carvings, mud fishing,
  • Rah - White sand beach, Rock of Rah, Custom fishing, Snake dance
  • Loh - Cyclone hideout cave, white sand beaches, custom dance
  • Hiu - Most northern island of Vanuatu. Whiteasnd beaches, cave and coconut crabs

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