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Malekula is the second largest, and one of the most culturally diverse islands in Vanuatu with more than 30 local dialects spoken. It is well-known for itís cultural dances and itís history of cannibalism. The last "man kaekae" (man eaten) in Vanuatu, occurred here in 1969. Two of the major cultural groups, the Big Nambas and the Small Nambas, are named after the size of the menís nambas (penis sheath).

The island has a rugged, densely-forested mountainous interior. The south-west part of the island has seen a major revival of customary life and traditions of Nasara. Nasara are the traditional family ceremonial grounds, and as such have a tremendous spiritual and cultural importance. The East Coast and Maskelyne Islands to the south-east have sandy beaches and coral reefs good for diving and snorkeling.

Map of Malekula

In the North, you will arrive at the tiny airport of Norsup. Your bungalow will arrange transport to pick you up, and take you to your accommodation and tours. The nearby small town of Lakatoro has a bank, a post office, an internet café (very expensive), and a small range of shops. However, we recommend that you purchase all your necessary items before you depart from Port Vila or Espiritu Santo.


Highlights in Malekula include:

  • Big Nambas culture tour
  • Small Nambas, sand drawing, womanís dance
  • Cannibal site tour
  • Wala historical site tour on Wala island
  • Trekking tour – 2 to 4 days


  • Nalawan festival takes place in South West Bay each year in August.
  • Maskelynes Canoe Race held in the Maskylyne Islands annually in July.

If you would like to know more about any of these activities, or would like to make a booking, please contact us.




Nawori Sea View Bungalow

About: Situated at Wala mainland, about 35 minutes drive from the Norsup airport. On the top of cliff with a view of the ocean and Wala and Rano Island. The bungalow is owned and run by Etienne Tiasinmal and his family. A very nice set-up and a great host and tour guide.

Facilities: Shared facilities - flush toilet, cold water shower. Rates include a light breakfast.

Room Categories: 2 bungalows – 1 x 4 rooms, 1 x 9 rooms.

Room Facilities: Bed, mosquito nets

Services: Laundry

Activities: Small Nambas culture tour, Big Nambas culture tour, Cannibal site tour, Wala Island historical tour, and over-night trekking.

Nawori bungalow

Nawori Bungalow

Tam Tam Bungalow

About: Tam Tam Bungalows sits on the north-east coast of the mainland about 50 minutes drive from Norsup airport. An attractive blend of traditional and western construction, the bungalows are set in gardens close to the beach which is lined with shady trees and park benches. There are nice beaches and coral reefs in the area, and the owner Jean-Michel Maleb also runs a well-stocked store close-by.

Facilities: Private showers and flush toilets. Restaurant.

Room Categories: There are three bungalows. (A) 1 bedroom with 1 double bed, 1 single bed. (B). 2 bedrooms, each with 1 double bed. (C) 1 bedroom, with 1 double and 2 single beds.

Room Facilities: Bed, mosquito nets

Services: Laundry

Activities: Small Nambas tour, Big Nambas tour, Vao Island historical tour, Pialo Cave, traditional canoe ride, village tour, snorkeling.

Alo Lodge

About: Alo Lodge is located in South West Bay, close to Wintua Airport. The south-west corner of Malekula has some of the most closely preserved traditional life and culture. The lodge is currently undergoing renovation, and we will be pleased to let you know when they are open again for business.

Activities: Fishing, visits to traditional villages, cultural tours by boat or foot, or trek to the waterfall. Garden and lagoon tours.

Malog Bungalows

About: The bungalow is situated on Uliveo, the largest island in the Maskelyne island group, south of the mainland. Owners Kalo and Nina have both worked as professional cooks and have a large outdoor restaurant and entertaining area next to the ocean and mangroves. The Maskelyne Islands are famous for extensive coral reefs and divers and yachts are regular visitors to the area.

Facilities: Shared flush toilets and showers. Fishing and snorkeling gear is available for use.

Room Categories: Three bungalows, each with 1 double and 1 single bed.

Room Facilities: Bed, mosquito net. Hurricane lamps.

Services: Laundry

Activities: Powerboat tours to neighbouring islands and transport to the mainland. Custom and culture tour, Sakao Garden Island Tour, Fishing, snorkeling.

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