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Santo SCUBA diving
Espiritu Santo Island offers warm water and good visibility all year around, with the best wreck dive in the world, “SS President Coolidge”, other world class wrecks, and pristine tropical reefs.

SS President Coolidge

3 inch gun on bow 18 meters of depthThe largest most accessible wreck dive in the world and considered by many the best wreck dive in the world. 22,000 ton, 200m x 25m (654' x 81'). The President Coolidge was a luxury passenger liner converted to troop carrier during WWII. While entering the Santo harbour she hit two American sea mines on the 26th October 1942. Almost completely intact you can swim through the many holds and decks viewing the many reminders of war. You can see the famous "Lady", an Elizabethan statue was originary sits above the fire place and a reminder of the ships former grandeur. Diving on the Coolidge is broken up into many different sites with dives to suit all experience and interests. All dives are guided by experienced dive guides and divemasters. The Coolidge is also home for many corals and fish, schools of barracuda, trevally, moray eel, turtle and reef fish are permanent residents. Access to dive on the Coolidge is easily done from shore. Dugon had been seen at deco stop scraching his or her huge body on deco bar. Night diving on the Coolidge is highly recommended. There are thousand of flight light fish inside wreck. Turn off your torch on your guide signal, and you feel like you are in the space full of stars.

Boat or shore dive - wreck dive
Diving depth: 20m - 60m

Million Dollar Point

Million Dollar Point - photo taken by Michael Cufer

At the end of WWII, thousands of tons of US surplus equipment was dumped into the sea because comdominium government did not take US military's offer of 10 cents in dollar. Now named because of its worth, Million Dollar Point attracts an abundance of fish life. it is quite unique swimming over bulldozers, cranes, fork lifts, trucks and a pile of various military hardware. Depth 0m - 40m. Great snorkelling spot. Dugons had been seen at shallow reef.

Boat or shore dive

Diving depth: 05 - 40m

Cindy’s Reef

Cindy's Reef - photo taken by Mark Spencer

Only 15 minutes boat ride from Luganville. A wide variety of hard corals include many differnt colours of Staghorn corals, large plate corals and an abundance of fish life in large area. About two stories high "Potato head” coral bommie which is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Turtles and reef sharks are often spotted. Advanced snorkelling Point.

Boat dive - drift dive

Diving depth: 05 - 30m

Mininum 2 divers

Chails Reef

Chails Reef - photo taken by Michael Cufer

On Tutuba island. This highly protected dive site ensures calm waters, little to no current and crystal clear visibility. You’ll see an amazing variety of coral and this is a great dive for spotting, turtles and sharks. Anyl level of divers can enjoy. Snorkelling point.

Boat dive - Drift Dive

Diving depth: 5 – 40m

Mininum 2 divers

USS Tucker

Stern section of USS Tucker 21 meters of depth - photo taken by -

Sunk three month before the Coolidge when the destroyer lost power and drifted back onto US placed mines before tug boats could pull it to safety. The two halves settled on the flat bottom with engines and reduction gear boxes lying in between. The steel structure has ensured the wreck has remained largely intact. An easy wreck dive with average visibility and good fish life.

Boat dive

Diving depth: 14 - 21m

Mininum 4 divers

Tutuba Point

One of the best visibility areas, 40m - 50m (130' - 160') is not uncommon. This locations main attraction is the geography. Caves, swimthroughs, chasms, crayfish, school of Buffalo fish, Napoleon fish all with an abundance of spectacular hard and soft corals that seem to go on forever.

Boat Dive – Drift dive

Diving depth 5m - 30m

Mininum 2 divers



Fantastic Reef - photo taken by Michael Cufer

A photographer’s paradise!! On the single sea mountain, fields of gorgonian fan corals stand upright on an isolated reef where large schools of small bait fish including fusiliers make their home. Large spanish dancers, potato cods as well as schools of dog tooth tuna are often spotted.

Boat Dive – drift dive

Diving depth: 26 – 42m

Mininum 2 divers

Packages available from 6 dives + and 10 dives +. Mix dives include shore and boat also available for those who want to see everything. Boat dives require mininum 2 divers.. Extra tank for twins, nitrox, tech courses are available for technical divers.

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