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Champagne Beach, Blue Hole, & Ri Ri Blue Hole Canoe

About Tour: 60km from Luganville town in Espiritu Santo Island, the biggest island in Vanuatu. We will take you to the most magnificent beach in the South Pacific, "Champagne Beach" and the mysterious and crystal clear blue hole. Afterwards take a canoe ride from the river mouth to "Ri Ri" Blue Hole through tropical jungle, to enjoy the peace and the sound of birds.

Duration of the tour : About 7 hours

Things to bring: Swimwear, towel, sun block, hat, insect repellent, snorkeling

Jacquie's Blue Hole

Vatthe Conservation Area Forest Walk & Bird Watching

About tour: The Vatthe Conservation Area covers 2,276 hectares of lowland alluvial forest at the southern end of Big Bay on the island of Espiritu Santo. It is owned by the communities of Sara and Matantas. Bush walking and bird watching are popular visitor activities at Vatthe. You can stop and have lunch at Bay of Illusion bungalow which is owned & operated by Purity and Solomon in Matantas village near the conservation area.

Duration of the tour: About 7 hours

Things to bring: Walking shoes, sun block, hat, insect repellent and bottle water.


Vathe conservation area

Port Olry Village & Island Experience

About tour: About an hours drive from Luganville, there is a peaceful fisherman's village nestled on the edge of on a white sand beach. A village guide will take you up to the top of hill to see the stunning vista of whole village and neighbouring islands, explain the nature, then guide you back to the beach for an island lunch. Have a canoe ride to a small island to see many flying foxes, go snorkeling or relax in the afternoon.

Duration of the tour: About 7 hours

Things to bring: Swimwear, towel, sun block, hat, insect repellent.


Port Olry, island experience

Port Olry beach and island


Leweton Culture Village

About tour: Only 10 minutes from town, the village settlement is from a combination of islands in the Banks region (Northern Vanuatu). Be welcomed to the village, experience their traditional men's powerful dancing to a bamboo beat, wearing coconut husk head dress. Woman and children's traditional dancing will also be shown, as will fire making, food preparation and tasting. Witness the woman's unique water music - played by their hands striking water. Requires a minimum of 2 people.

Duration of the tour: About 2 hours

Things to bring: Bottle water, camera, some vatu (Vanuatu currency) if you wish to purchase some artefacts.

Woman & Child at Leweton Culture Village from Banks islands


Vathe Conservation Area & Bay of Illusion Bungalow

About Tour: Customised tour. About two hours 4WD drive from Luganville town, in Matantas village, Big Bay. Stay at Purity's "Bay of Illusions Bungalow". The bungalow is very basic, but clean. There are many tours available for the conservation area. Bird watching, Quiros statue, Big Bay, Matantas village, Jordan river and custom village.

Duration of the tour : Overnight

Things to bring: Bottle water, camera, insect repellent, swimwear, change of clothes.

Big Bay

Vathe conservation

Port Olry Village & Little Paradise Bungalow

About Tour: Customised overnight tour. Less than an hours drive from Luganville town, there is beautiful fisherman's village surrounded by whitesand beach and crystal clear sea. Many tours available, walk up to the hill to see the view of the village and islands, canoe ride to nearby islands for snorkelling and explore flying fox's trees. Enjoy time with village people. Mountain bikes are available for hire.

Duration of the tour: Overnight tour.

Things to bring: Bottle water, swimwear, towel, sun block, hat, insect repellent, snorkeling equipment, change of clothes.

Port Olry beach

Port Olry villagers


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